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We now offer delivery of chemicals, parts and propane.

Gregg’s pool works is now offering a delivery service to our customers.  When we deliver your order, We will place it near your equipment pad or a designated area. We will also take a water sample, test it and email your results.

Handling fees are as follows.

95762- $10.99
95682- $14.99
95630- $14.99
95672- $14.99

We deliver everything we sell. It might not be on the product list below, but please call in for pricing.

Please email to place all orders or call the retail store.  All orders will be delivered within 24 hours Monday through Saturday.

Info needed for order:

Customer name and last name:
Address & city:
Gate code:
Combo lock #:
Phone number:

All payments will be taken via credit card via phone. We will call to verify order and delivery once received.

Product and Pricing

Algaecide 50 bug treatment $17.99
Algaecide plus $22.99
Natural chem Scale Free $45.99
EZ Clor Drop Out $10.99
Swimtrine Algaecide TREAMENT $25.99
EZ Clor Metal Magnet $15.90
Super Simmer Shine Clarifier $12.99
scaletech $45.99
Hasa Stainout $22.99
pool perfect plus phos free $49.99
Natural Chem Instant conditioner $35.99
EZ Clor Quick Dissolve $11.99
LT Ph Balance $19.99
LT Calcium Booster $5.99
LT Alkalinity Increaser (Alk up) $11.99
LT Spa Down $7.49
LT Renew $23.99
LT Brom Tabs $20.99
LT Brom Granular $21.99
LT Jet clean $11.99
LT Foam Down $10.99
Spa Perfect $18.99
Spa Purge $24.99
Spa 56 granular chlrine $26.99
Ez Clor tabs #25 $74.99
ez clor Tabs #50 $124.99
Proside Shock Quick $6.99 A BAG
Super Shock Wave $4.99 a bag buy 12 get $1 off per bag
02 shock (non chlorine) $6.49 a bag
LT PH UP $11.99
EZ clor PH Down $12.99
Pool RX Black $99.99
Pool Rx Blue $89.99
Pool Rx Spa $29.99
Pool Rxc Booster $39.99
Case of Chlorine $18 A CASE
2 pack of chlorine $14.99
Case of Acid $28.50 A CASE
2 pack of acid $18.99
ALK #5 $11.99
ALK #9 $18.99
ALK #25 $41.99
BI CARB/ ALK #50 $30.99
CALCIUM #5 $12.99
CALICUM #16 $27.99
CALCIUM #50 $37.99
SALT $10.99


Propane is supplied by Blue Rhino / Ferrellgas.

*Retail price at store. $24.99
*Retail price for Cylinder purchases (full) $59.99
*Home delivery price $29.99. Service area only
*Hook-up and spray for leak at tank connection $5.99

**** $5 off first tank.